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The Team

Dr David Keatley

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Criminologist, Founder & Director

Dr Keatley is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Chair of Crime Science at Murdoch University, Australia. David is also the Director of Researchers in Behaviour Sequence Analysis (ReBSA) and Cold Case Review (CCR@). David collaborates on a number of international research projects into violent crime, including atypical homicide, sexual assault and rape cases, and interpersonal violence. This has resulted in over 50 academic publications and case reports. In addition to academic work, David is also a consultant to police departments around the world. David has consulted on a number of current and cold criminal cases, and has appeared on major television networks and podcasts.

Most recently, he has published 2 books on his research and the methods he uses: 'Pathways in Crime: an introduction to behaviour sequence analysis' and 'The Timeline Toolkit: temporal methods for crime research' Dave is an internationally recognised cold case consultant and criminal behaviour analyst and currently provides assistance to Law Enforcement worldwide, primarily the Rhode Island Cold Case Task Force, as well as The Vidocq Society and the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases (AISOCC). Dave specialises in sexual and atypical homicide cases, and interrogation, statement analysis.

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Brendan Chapman

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Forensic Scientist, Founder & Director

Brendan Chapman is a Forensic Scientist with expertise in the fields of forensic genetics and DNA analysis, homicide and sex crime investigation, clandestine grave site recovery and cold case review.


Having worked for over 10 years in Western Australian State Government departments in both the forensic DNA laboratory and with law enforcement at crime scenes, Brendan has attended thousands of major crime scenes, been involved in countless investigations and has been associated with some of the highest profile homicides an WA history. Brendan is available for expert consultation on criminal, coronial and civil matters.


His research focus is in the fields of cold case review and forensic intelligence applications for national security and defence. Brendan has presented and published numerous articles in both these areas and the broader forensic science.  


Brendan is a Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science at Murdoch University and the Academic Chair of the University’s Postgraduate Forensic Science coursework degrees.

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Jamie-Lee Webb

Forensic Scientist, CCR Team Manager

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Jamie began her undergraduate studies doing a double major Molecular Biology , Forensic Science and Toxicology. Jamie finished her Postgraduate studies with a certificate in Master of Forensic Science professional practice .


Jamie is the Manager of Cold Case Review, and oversees project work, research, and meetings.


Given her extensive experience, dedication, and skills, Jamie is a mentor to fellow undergraduate and postgraduate students in the team. Jamie gives direction and advice to students within forensic and biological research, and contributes to cases with data collection and  student role allocation. 

Jamie also enjoys running her own business of Hand illustrated artwork. 

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